Book Series on Corporate Social Responsibility

The new series - Applied Research in Corporate Social Responsibility - is being published by Gower Publishing Ltd. 

Series editors are Guler Aras & David Crowther.

If you are interested in further details than contact either of the editors: Guler Aras or David Crowther

Forthcoming titles include:

Michael Schaper Making Ecopreneurs

David Bubna-Litic Spirituality & CSR

Cathy Farnsworth Fair trade and the food chain

Sharon Eicher Challenge of corruption to international business

Peggy Chiu Looking beyond profit

Peter Kelly New Work Ethics

Guler Aras & David Crowther Corporate sustainability

Guler Aras & David Crowther Global perspectives on CG & CSR  

A R Belal - The Current State of Corporate Social Reporting in Developing Countriesl    

I was the editor of  a previous series of research books on the topic of corporate social responsibility. This was published by Ashgate Publishing Ltd.

Current titles:

Perspectives on Corporate Social Responsibility, D Crowther & L Rayman-Bacchus (eds), 2004

Corporate Social Performance: A Stakeholder Approach, S Cooper, 2004

Nonprofit Trusteeship in Different Contexts, R Abzug & J S Simonoff, 2004

Human Values in Management, A Das Gupta (ed), 2004

Ethical Boundaries of Capitalism, D Daianu & R Vranceanu, 2005

Corporate Social Responsibility in the Mining Industries, N Yakovleva

Making Ecopreneurs: Developing Sustainable Entrepreneurships. M Scahper

Repoliticizing Management, C Cradden

Stories Values and Visions in Voluntary Organisations, C Schwabenland

Whistleblowing and Organisational Social Responsibility, Wim Vandekerckhove                                         

The Employment Contract and the Changed World of Work, Stella Vettori        

Capitalist Networks and Social Power in Australia and New Zealand, Georgina Murray

The Co-operative Movement: Globalization from Below, Richard C Williams

Managing Corporate Social Responsibility in Action: Talking, Doing and Measuring, Frank Den Hond, Frank G A de Bakker & PeterNeergaard

Higher Education and Civic Engagement; International Perspectives, Lorraine McIlrath & Iain Mac Labhrainn                              

Ethics, Psyche and Social Responsibility, Ana Maria Davila Gomez & David Crowther

Forthcoming titles:    

Research Companion to Corporate Social Responsibility, David Crowther & Nicholas Capaldi (eds)

See series leaflet

If you have written (or would like to write) a book in this area then please get in touch with David Crowther or Guler Aras to discuss this further.